Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 22: Favorite City

I absolutely love Somerville, TN. It is my home town and will always be my favorite town!
Although, I am falling in love with a little city named San Diego, CA.
I cannot wait to live there for a few years with Shane!! There is always something going on and something to explore! Whether inland, in the city or on the beach!!

Day 21: a photo of myself

Me doing what I love....eating cupcakes and painting!! It was a great day! :)

Day 20: Nicknames

Well some folks have trouble saying my name or they get lazy and shorten it...
1. Mac nini
2. Kenzie
3. Kiki
4. Roo
5. Lou
6. Mac booty
7. Mac attack
8. Macaroni
9. Macky Mac - Ha
10. Kenzilee
11. Mac
12. Macrhea
13. Aunt M
I'm sure there are more, but this is about as far as my memory will take me...I'm sure I will get some new ones with the years to come....

Day 19: Something you miss...

Well this is kind of a DUH...
I miss my best friend!!!
He is, as of right now, floating in the Arabian Gulf...
The next few weeks are going to be pretty tough because he will not be with me to celebrate Christmas and NEW YEARS!! Ugh!
I am sooo proud of my sailor and support him 110%!! But I miss him like crazy!!
Never take your significant others for granted!! Love on them and appreciate them everyday!

Day 18: Something you regret

Throughout my 24 years I sure have done some messing up and not done the right thing but throughout those years, I really can say that I don't regret anything....Those screw ups have molded me to what I am today! I am soo happy to see what the Lord has in store for me and Shane!! :)

Day 17: Something I am looking forward to...

Something I am REALLY looking forward to is Shane coming home to me and the family!! Counting the days now!! Down to the double digits....98 days!!! WAHHOOOOO
I haven't broken the news to many people.....but we have decided to set our wedding date to JUNE 18, 2011. I cannot wait for this day!!! It is going to be one of the best days of my life!!!
Love, Friendship and Fellowship!!!!!
We have also decided to book Pinecrest as our venue, which is in LaGrange, TN....I love Pinecrest!! It is sooo beautiful!!!! Also, they have cabins for people who are coming in from out of town!! I cannot wait for June 18!!
Here are a few pics from Pinecrest....

Ceremony site

I love the woodwork in here!!

Reception site? Still not sure! I love this look tho!!!

Love it!!!

Day 16: Dream home

My dream home is not a home in the suburbs, in the country or in the city....It is not a 10 bedroom 20,000 sq ft. home....
It's wherever Shane McKay is....I know and expect us to be moving a lot with the Navy. So, we will have to learn to make every place we move to, OUR HOME...

I hope one day that we are able to fill that home with lots of babies....(well at least 2 or 3)....Love, Christ Love, Laughter, and happiness!!
I cannot wait to start a home with Shane McKay!!!!

Day 15: A Bible Verse

A glad heart makes a cheerful face. Proverbs 15:13

I absolutely love making people happy!!!

Day 14: A picture I love

I know it's been a while....Catching up!
I love this picture bc it's the day I became an aunt and I LOVE being this little girls aunt!!!
Kyleigh Elise Rhea