Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 9: A picture of my friends

So i decided I'd copy off my friend Valerie and introduce you to my bridal party.....and a few more buddies!!
(My wolf pack) HAHA!

This is Kellie Logan - the Matron of Honor!
I have only known Kellie for about 2 years, but she has become one of my best friends!!  I met Kellie through Shane, him and Kellie are from the same town. Kellie's husband is one of Shanes best friends, so we were destined to be besties! She is my southern belle!
She is always there for me, always ready to listen and not to mention - always ready to SHOP!! I'm sooo thankful for her!! Love you Kellie Ruth!!

This is Christie Eddlemon - the Maid of Honor!
Christie is such a great friend! She also played a big part in me and Shane meeting! I love my Christie!! We always have such a great time together! Whether it's going up to flying saucer or just hanging out at her house watching a movie! She is always so honest with me and tells me how it is!! Which I need!! I love you Christie and can't imagine my wedding without you!! You mean so much to me!

This is Libby Flanagan - Bridesmaid #1.
I have known Libby for well over 20 years! I love her soo much! We are cousins, old roomies and best friends! I can always go to Libby about anything!! I cannot imagine my wedding day without her!! You mean so dang much to me, I love you lady!!
This is Valerie Kelley - Bridesmaid #2.
Valerie and I have known each other since we were babies!! Throughout Jr. High and High school we were pretty much inseperable! I love Val so much! She knows me inside and out!!
She's so strong in her faith and I admire her for that! I love ya Val!! I cannot imagine my special day with you!
She is also planning her wedding!! 5.7.11  Soon to-be Mrs. Griffin!! Soo happy and excited for you Valerie! :)

This is Kendra Harmon - Bridesmaid #3
Ohhh Kendra! You are such a great friend of mine! Although we have only known each other for about 5 years, you are absolutely one of my best friends!! You are always ready to go and do something! Great SHOPPING partner! I can always count on you!! Thank you for being such a great friend! Love you ma'am!!

This is Brittany (Canady) Watkins - Bridesmaid #4
Brittany and I have known each other since Jr. High but we really got close after High School!
Brittany is always there for me and always able to make me laugh! I love ya Britt!!
Brittany is also expecting her first baby and I cannot wait to meet her!! She is going to be such a great mom!!

I hate this pic of myself but these are 2 of my H.S. best friends! Aaron Carson and Valerie Kelley!
I love yall sooo much! Thank you for being such great friends!!

Beth Jones and Stacey Hellums!! I love these ladies!! They mean soo much to me!

These are my work buddies! I love them soo much! We have to see each other everyday, but strangely, we enjoy being around one another daily!!

Shane sure has some great friends and they have also become my GREAT friends!! I love them soo much!

Somemore buddies that I have met through Shane! Sarah Bullard and Carla Cannon! I love these ladies!!

I love these two!! Christie Eddlemon and Brian Hunsucker!
They decided to go on a date one night and I tagged along...Then Brian had to pick up his friend at the airport that had just flown in from Indiana!....That friend was Shane! and the rest is history!
No...Christie and Brian did not work out! but we are all best friends!!
Oh yea...have you met my BFF?
I love you Shane Mckay and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my days with you!

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