Friday, October 14, 2011


It has been way too long and I need to get back on the blog train!
Last week I had some visitors!! And we had a blast!!!
Shane has been gone for about 2 weeks prior to them coming and I was soo ready to see some familiar faces!
Soo thankful that my mom was able to come spend 10 days with me! Then Valerie and her mom came for about 7 days! It was amazing!!
We had dinner one night downtown at Kansas City bbq and got stuck (in the rain)at the cross walk, waiting for a train to pass...Photoshoot...haha

We had delicious cupcakes by the shore!!

Hanging out at the beach in Coronado!

Love you Val and I'm soo glad I got to show yall around our new town!
Cannot wait for you to come back out!!!

I have more pics and will upload them soon. Just had to blog while I had the time!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! :)
1 more week til I see my honey!!

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