Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 2 - Meaning behind blog name

Day 2: Hurry up and wait...

This is one of my first pictures with Shane after he graduated from Navy boot camp. I realized after this day that my life was about to change! I had talked to some military wives that warned me about all of this - "Hurry and Wait" mess....but I never thought that I would have to worry with it...

First time I experienced it was his graduation, we had to get up at the crack of dawn just to get a good seat at his graduation....then we sat, and sat, and sat for a good 3 hours before it even started! Then they started to march in...which is another story in itself!!! BEST DAY EVER!!!

Second time, Once Shane left Great Lakes, IL he was then sent to Pensacola, FL for his A School....Which was awesome bc it was a hop, skip and jump from TN!!! I really enjoyed being able to visit him but after a while it got old and all of his classmates were graduating and heading out to their Ships or bases where they are stationed. And well, we had to wait and wait and wait! Then FINALLY we got our duty station!!! We found out we were heading out to California!! We were soo pumped about finally being able to just be on our own! Begin our lives together!! :)

We were given about 1 month to get everything together and packed up! I had my own apartment in Lakeland, TN and he had all of his stuff in Bruce, MS. So within that month we were expected to pack up, schedule movers, say our good byes to families and friends, get our vehicles serviced and packed up...OH YEA!!! and at some point have a wedding!!!
Before heading out to Cali, we had dinner with my family the night before we left. On the way back we are just soo happy and ready for the move!! We had rushed and gotten everything together and packed and were ready for this!!
....then we got the call that changed everything!! Shane had gotten a call from his sponsor to talk about the drive over and get him prepared....then he asks the question..."SOO YOU READY FOR THE BIG ONE?"
(SIX MONTH DEPLOYMENT) Both of our stomachs sank then we gathered ourselves and our things, packed everything in his truck and headed out for California!!

Change of plans - we drove his vehicle out to Cali, we had a great vacation, got to know the area we will be living in - come April -
He left on deployment and here I am waiting.....
P.S. Still waiting on that wedding too!!!
ONLY 135 days to go!!...MISS YOU SHANE!!!

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