Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 3: Your first LOVE...

My first love...
When I was around 3 - 7 I watched Cinderella, like it was a religion! I wore my Cinderella dress daily!!
Sooo my first love is...Prince Charming! I loved how Prince Charming LOVED Cinderella - how he adored her!! I always wanted that kind of love!! :)

Then of course getting older you fall for older guys...Ashton Kutcher was next!!...That 70's Show - younger Ashton... :)
Sorry...boring blog...but dangit...I loved these guys!! :)
Have a good day!!


  1. I remember another one of your "loves". Remember BALLS? Our code words we used so we could write notes at church and the rest of the youth group wouldn't figure out who we liked! remember? haha

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