Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day 6: A picture of something that makes you happy!

This day was a GREAT day!!
Shane left for boot camp December 18, 2009. And I was not able to see him until this day! February 19, 2010. 3 months!! This was nothing compared to this deployment! He is behind the guy with the red flag...I was shaking sooo bad and I just about missed him!

Since Shane has joined the Navy and is now on his first deployment, I see the American Flag and become very emotional! I have been very closed minded to how great we really have it and I hate that I have taken it for granted up until now! It takes a lot of work for us to have so much freedom! I am sooo proud of Shane, my brother, cousin, dad, uncle, grandfather...and everyone else that has served for our GREAT COUNTRY!!! Thank you!!!! I love you!!!

This is a picture of my brother, Wendy and their precious baby, Kyleigh!! This baby has brought my family soo much closer! Not to mention she is the cutest baby ever!!! I love you, Kyleigh bug!!

I absolutely love this picture of my grandfather and newborn Kyleigh!!
All of these pictures and people make me sooo happy! I could go on and on with more pictures...but I'll save them for blogs to come!!

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