Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy Birthday!!

Today is my sweet cousin, Emma's birthday!!
She is 17 today! SEVENTEEN!!
I cannot believe how grown she is!
I am 8 years older than her and have watched her grow up...from a wittle baby with precious curls to a beautiful young woman!!!
My aunt and her kids live in New South Wales, Australia and have been living there since 2003. They get to come home for Christmas every 2 years! So I am soo happy that they are home!! Especially while Shane is deployed! They have def. kept me busy!!
I got her a special treat from GiGi's cupcakes this afternoon after work and forgot to take a pic of the beautiful and delicious cupcakes!
But here she is blowing out her candles!
Happy 17th Birthday Emma Dyce!!
I am so glad that you are home this year to celebrate your day!!
I'm so proud of you!!
Love you so much!! :)

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  1. yayyyyy! So glad Emma go to spend her birthday with her FAMILY! :)