Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I am loving....that target has EVERYTHING on sale right now!!!
I got a fleece jacket for $5.08!!
They still have some GREAT deals! So you should go on and check it out!!

I am loving...My new shoes!!
I have been looking for some new shoes for about 3 weeks now!
Shane bought me some Merrells in March and they are GREAT but I cannot run/workout in them! So i got these yesterday!! YAY!!!

I love them! They are so light and comfy and I cannot wait to start working out in them! :)

I am loving...Rod Stewart - Maggie May!
One of my favorite songs! It's crazy how a song can make you feel better and this song always makes me smile! Reminds me of my cute husband! :)

Shane and I like to sing this in the car together!
He probably doesn't care for everyone to know that but...OH WELL haha!

I am loving...all this time that I am able to spend with my favorite little girl!!
Goodness!!! She is a doll!!!
Love you Kyleigh bug!! I am so blessed to have you as my niece!!!

What are you loving this week??
It's Wednesday! yay!!!
Have a good one!!! :)

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