Thursday, June 9, 2011

Getting OLD!

Last night Shane and I went to a dueling piano bar {the Shout House}...and it was soo much fun!! I mean the {pianist?} guys were awesome! They really interacted with the crowd and had everyone laughing and singing. We were having a blast!! We haven't gone out with other people yet. It's usually just the two of us, which I have a great time either way! Then we noticed that it was 9pm and we are normally alseep by then! So I told Shane we could leave whenever he was ready, but nope...he was ready to hangout!
12 am rolled around and we were headed home! And believe me, we have both struggled all day! We just cannot stay up that late anymore! Its a terrible feeling when you realize that you are aging!! But I wouldn't have it any other way! I can't wait to grow old with Shane McKay!
If you ever come to SD, you will have to go to the Shout House! So much FUN!!

Anyways, while recovering at home, I realized that I had to cook dinner and was not in the mood to cook and if you know me, I LOVE TO COOK! So I wanted something easy!! Which is why I am sharing this, you must try this soup!! It is awesome! A friend at my old office brought this awesome potato soup one day for lunch and man is it good!! It's Bear Creek Creamy Potato Soup.

Get the packet of soup, water and a whisk and this is seriously all you need and believe me, people will think that you are a master chef! Add your own little touches and it'll be even better!
When Shane is silent or slurping while eating, it's a good sign that he is enjoying every bit of that food! If you could see him now, he is asleep on the couch!! {Probably from pure exhaustion of last nights events, but we can just say that he is in a coma from my delicious food!}haha! I added some {peeled and chopped} potatoes and let the soup sit for about 2 hours.
Then fried some bacon and made some cornbread. Which by the way was the best cornbread I've made! Every other time, it would come out flat and hard as a brick! So YAY!!
Anyways, I garnished the soup with bacon and cheese and VOILA!! There you have it! An easy, delicious meal!!
Yes, this is so simple! And so delicious! I just had to share this with you! Go out and get some soup today and save it for a lazy day!!
I hope you had a great day!

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