Thursday, June 23, 2011

Our wedding weekend!! :) Part 2

Saturday morning before the wedding the bridesmaids and I went to Southern Roots Salon in Somerville, where my aunts held a bridal breakfast for us! We had a nice spread of breakfast casseroles, fruit, quiches* (sp). It was all delicious! If you haven't been to Southern Roots, you have to go and at least check out how well it is decorated! Everything is soo pretty in there!! Perfect for pictures! Abigail, the owner, does a great job at both hair and makeup!!

Some of the food and ladies at the breakfast!

The salon, isn't it just cute? We came here for hair and make up for Vals wedding and I knew then that Abigail would do a great job for mine!!

Some of my beautiful bridesmaids, wearing the shirts that Libby made! :)
Before pic: BEWARE! Patiently waiting to get muh hair done!
After: I LOVED my hair!!! :)
My beautiful Matron of Honor (Kellie Logan) and Maid of Honor (Christie Eddlemon) after hair and makeup! :)
Some of my beautiful bridesmaids at the Salon after hair and makeup! I def. recommend all brides in Somerville to get your hair and makeup done at Southern Roots. Relax and Enjoy your day!!
After we left the salon we had to book it back to Pinecrest to start pictures! Shane is crazy about tardiness and I TRIED TO BE ON TIME!! haha!
On the way back we went to the chapel to check on things and noticed that my dad put up my signs to direct guests to the chapel and they looked GREAT!!
My mom and I made these signs while I was in town for Valeries wedding and I am so happy with how they turned out! :)
Going to the....
The photographer (Cristi Oswalt) got to Pinecrest about 1:45, and began snapping pictures as soon as she walked through the door! She is awesome!! She took my dress, Mrs. McKay hanger, and rings outside and took some is one of the pics.
Then it was time to get ready to meet Shane in the Chapel for our secret meeting. We went ahead and took all pictures before the ceremony so we would be able to get the reception started as soon as it was set up!
Me and mom getting ready.
My ladies helping me get in my dress! haha! I love my dress! I hate to say it, but I do believe it was made for me!

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