Thursday, June 23, 2011

Our wedding weekend! :) Part 1

Shane and I flew into Memphis on a redeye flight from San Diego. Our plane took off at 10:50 pm and didn't arrive in TN until 7:20 am! We were thinking that we would sleep all the way but nooo...we were too excited to sleep! Once we landed we took a shuttle bus to enterprise to get our rental car. When we signed up for the rental car we requested a larger car like a maxima or buick lacrosse or something semi fancy for possible wedding pictures. But once we got to the dealership the agent said that both were unavailable and the only car they had about that same size was a CROWN VICTORIA! We died out laughing bc have you seen a crown vic...they are huge granny cars!
So we politely declined and asked the guy what else he had...and his next offer was a Dodge Challenger...and well you see what we decided to drive for the next few days while we were home!
It was one of the coolest cars I've ever ridden in! Shane of course did not let me drive it bc he said that I probably wouldnt be able to see over the front of the car! :(
Anyways, once we got the car, we headed to Pinecrest to meet my mom and let Shane see the chapel. He hadn't seen Pinecrest until the day before Rehearsal dinner, so TOUGH if he didn't like it because invitations were sent out and it was set in stone by then! But luckily enough Pinecrest is a place that everyone loves and shane ended up falling in love with it too! :)
After having lunch with my mom, Shane went on to Bruce to see his family and I was stuck at Pinecrest going on 2 hours of sleep getting things ready for the weekend. And believe me, my mother put me to work!
I had calluses all over my poor hands! haha!
I hate not being in control or not being able to help, so this was good for me! I got to do my part and help out! My aunt Nita came out to lend a hand and brought lanterns to help with the mosquitos and bugs bc it had just rained and there were millions of bugs out there!
Enough about that! We got all set up and I think I was working off of pure adrenaline, just thinking about the wedding!
Friday, I went to Pinecrest early, to meet up with the florist to set up a little more before our friends and families started arriving and to boss him around a little. I forgot to mention that the florist forgot about our wedding about a week before we flew out and that had me flipping out! I was so scared that we wouldn't have any flowers in the wedding, but woo they def. showed up and everything was beautiful!
I really didn't take any pictures at the rehearsal dinner and I hate that! We had some delicious food and good times with the bridal party and family!
As gifts for the party I got the girls: cute bags, silver flip flops, navy sunglasses, small lotion, and the jewelry for them to wear during the wedding. Pearl earrings and a Pearl necklace. They went perfect with their navy dresses!
For the guys we got them matching navy ties, to wear at the wedding and silver flasks! Just a warning for those of you planning on buying matching ties, it's hard!! lol. We went to at least 10 different stores before we found a total of 10!
After the rehearsal dinner, most of the wedding party stayed at Pinecrest with Shane and I in cabins. We had a good time catching up with everyone and hanging out!

We have a great group of friends and love them soo much!!

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