Thursday, June 23, 2011

Our wedding weekend!! :) Part 3

One thing that I was soooo excited about was the Photobooth we had during the reception! It was such a great idea! I think everyone had a blast going in and taking pictures! Anyways, while Shane and I were taking pictures, my bridesmaids snuck into the booth and snapped some pictures! They are so precious!

I love these ladies sooo much!!
Anyways, we then took the group pictures.

I can't tell you enough how great they looked that day!!! These are my absolute best friends and I love them soo much! I sound like a broken record, but it's true! I don't know what I'd do without them!

After a few hundred pictures we went back to the cabins to touch up our makeup and wait until 6pm.

 I was so nervous all day! I hate attention and well, "Tough luck, mac!!" It's your wedding day! lol.
As we were waiting, Libby's boyfriend called to see if we needed anything and by this time in the day, we were starving!! Sweet Dustin, stopped by Sonic and ordered 9 JR burgers and rushed them to us. By the time he got there, we were supposed to be at the chapel! So we scarfed down the burgers and went to the chapel to get hitched!
Me, Britt and the burger! haha!
The guys all calm waiting to head to the chapel. I love how it has Shanes gift from me in it. We exchanged gifts before hand, I got him a necklace with a sterling silver cross and he got me a gold necklace from, the infinite love necklace and I love it!
The ceremony went by without a hitch, Kyleigh my niece walked down the isle!! It was Great, except for the fact that we were about 10 minutes late and Shane thought that I was making a run for it. But no, it was the burgers fault! haha! Right before my dad and I walked down the isle, I took a deep breath and we heard a "POP" and the clasps on my dress busted! So I was not able to take a deep breath again until I took the dress off!!
Then my dad began to clap too early during the ceremony and as I'm turned around giving him the evil eye I turn back around and Shane is getting his lips ready for the kiss by putting on his chap stick! It was HILARIOUS and I'll never forget this special day! Thank you everyone that came and helped out! I love each of you soo much! :)
Programs. thank you Val and Candy for the idea!

Me and my niece! :)
Love my cake! The flowers we used to decorate are actually from my aunt and my moms gardens!
2 of my aunts! I hate that my aunt Mindy wasn't able to make it!
My brother and sweet sweet niece dancing.
Some of the food. Me and my Tea room were our caterers for both rehearsal dinner and reception.
Val and some of my lovely guests! :)
Inside the Chapel! I loved everything about it!!!
My grandparents dancing! :)
Me throwing the bouquet...Staci Craig caught the bouquet and Brian Hunsucker caught the garder.
Running through the sparklers as we were leaving!
Our first dance was: These arms of mine
Father/daughter dance: Willie Nelson - What a wonderful world
Mother/ Son dance: We all danced to what a wonderful world.
My precious mom and I! I am so thankful for everything you did for our wedding!! Love you and it was PERFECT!!
Shane and I leaving in the limo. After the reception, Shane and I thought that it would be cool to keep the party going and hangout with everyone afterwards and go out. We knew that we wouldn't be back in town for a good while so we tried to be with everyone as much as possible!
Changed into a more comfortable dress!
Some of my buddies on the limo!

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