Monday, July 11, 2011

Because...I got an awesome package from my mom today!! YAY!!!
Included in the package was our HotShots photobooth coffee book!!
It is awesome! I love it!!

Front cover...
haha! Back cover!
I'm so glad that we have these memories in this book!!

She also sent me this cool cookbook!!

Everything in this book is made with Ramen noodles!
I'm not soo sure about the Smore's on the front cover but it won't hurt to try it! lol.

Amy Nix mentioned this cookbook a little while ago on her blog and I have wanted to get it since...and well I picked this bad boy up today at Target and it was 20% off!!
I cannot wait to get to cooking!!
I really just want Shane and I to become healthier together and I believe this will help us!!

I will def. share recipes from both cookbooks!! So stay tuned!!

I hope you have a marvelous week!!

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