Friday, July 22, 2011

1. One of my happiest moments ever was: My wedding day!  June 18. ♥

2. Summer is wedding season and weddings are: AWESOME!! I love weddings! Even tho mine has come and gone, I still LOVE to look at the cute ideas and pictures from other peoples weddings!

3. This summer: Has been GREAT! Even though we are 2,000 miles from our family and friends, we have made the best of it and are having a great time in California!

4. My summer food of choice has been: Salsa!!! I can't seem to get enough! I have it with just about every meal! On my eggs in the morning, with a sandwich for lunch and an appetizer before dinner! Once my buddy Val posted a recipe for homemade salsa, we have kept some in our fridge ever since!

5. My summer uniform has been: Blue jean shorts, my hat, v-neck tee or tank and flip flops...sometimes a dress.

6. If I could spend the entire summer in one location I would choose: Tennesee or Mississippi! We love it in California but would do anything to be back home!! Even for just a summer!

7. My summer anthem is: anything by Jimmy Buffett!

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