Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday!

New golf clubs! Well not new new but new to me! Shane bought them for me as a wedding gift. So now we can play together instead of me just driving the golf cart.
We plan on going this weekend, wish me luck!!!

San Diego coastline

I'm loving the hot weather in San Diego! Usually it's pretty chilly when you go to the coast, but now, it's pretty awesome and warm! Seriously last week before we left for Vegas it was 60 degrees at the coast and now it's a warm 75!! And that means it's in the 80s inland! I'm loving it!

Pond's cold cream! I are probably thinking that old ladies use that! You wanna know why they use this...because it keeps your skin young and beautiful! It gets all of your makeup off and cleanses the skin! It may not smell the best but dangit, it does a GREAT job! My grandmother uses it and she has such beautiful skin, so I figured that I mightaswell start now!!
Here is a cool ad for Pond's from back in the day!

One more thing...
My American Eagle shorts...Mine are not this torn up but they are similar. I wear these babies at least 4 times a week! I normally cannot wear American Eagle shorts or pants unless I go up about 2 sizes, but these fit perfect! I actually had to go down a size!!

That's what I'm into this week...What about you??

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